Joining Benenden's Community Shop

Become a Member

Our share offer during 2015 was critical to raising the money needed to properly refurbish the Shop and Cafe, and establish Benenden's Community Shop as a viable community enterprise.  We've been asked several times by customers and volunteers who've moved into the village since the original Share Offer if they can join the Shop community more formally.  To that end we're launching a rolling Membership Scheme.  Members can join for a minimum of £10 contribution, have equal voting rights with Shareholders (remember every Shareholder has 1 vote, no matter how much they contributed), and be elected or co-opted to the Management Committee.  It's a way to ensure that as people come and go in the village we can always have a strong network of supporters.  Download an application form here, or from the About Benenden's page of the website, or in the Shop.