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Come and Join us!


A resounding   ‘nothing’ was the most common reply in our recent Benendens’ customer survey, when we asked the question, ‘What could we have done better?’  It’s good to know that we are generally getting it right and thank you for all your kind comments, including those indicating where we might improve. If there was any slight marking down in the survey, it was generally about the speed of service which in many cases is because we try to train our wonderful volunteers ‘on the job’, with the inevitable minor delays that ensue. Predictably, a remarkably large number of people expressed their pleasure at the friendliness of shop and cafe staff. The welcoming ambience of Benendens’ is constantly being remarked upon by our customers and the occasional expression of envy has been heard from those who live too far away to visit regularly!

Furthermore, the all-round gratifying experience of this community shop is not only confined to customers. Volunteers have also discovered a whole new circle of companions who rapidly become friends when working there. The environment  positively encourages people to work closely together, facilitating a light-hearted atmosphere which permeates the whole shop. Laughter is frequently heard and one can’t help but be drawn into it! With the festive season approaching and the list of possible volunteers standing at over 100 we would really appreciate it if more volunteers came forward to offer their help, particularly if you were able to sign up for a regular slot? Our managers of both shop and café, as well as Mel, who heads the team, are amazingly good (and incredibly patient!)  at explaining how systems work and gently guiding new volunteers into the workings of Benendens’.

 Do come forward to offer your help; we rely on community support and the more people who come forward, the fewer hours each will need to give. You won’t regret joining this happy team!