Shop News

Shop News February 2020

As I arrived at our exceedingly well attended shop this morning, I was greeted
by the usual buzz and general friendly busy-ness of the place. All this despite
the fact that overnight, possibly during a power cut, a pipe had become
detached from a pump in the cellar and it had become flooded.

A smiling Nancy Tolhurst was there in her wellies manning a pipe which needed to be discharged
into the toilet to drain the water. In the cellar were Ken Anderson and Phil
Robbins wading around and working hard to make sure the task was done
effectively. Job done, they later appeared in the café where they cheerfully enjoyed some refreshment before heading home.

This fortunately does not happen every day. However, when it does, we are blessed to have people who are
willing to drop everything to come and sort it out.
Our volunteers likewise are there to give their time and effort to keep
Benendens’ up and running even when times get difficult. This time of year can
be challenging but most helpers would agree that the experience of working in
the shop cheers them whatever the weather. One of these volunteers is Fiona
Boorman who makes the journey from Stone outside Tenterden to help out in Benenden's.

Her words speak for themselves;
‘I have been volunteering for two years now and couldn’t think of a friendlier
place to work !   Mel and her team are patient (needed when I make mistakes!),
welcoming and always positive.  Nothing is too much trouble when it comes to
Benendens’ customers and the atmosphere is one of joi de vivre.  One of the best things I’ve done ! ‘

Likewise, loyal volunteer Genevieve Greenwood explained;
‘To me the shop and cafe are the heart and hub of the village.  It is always
enjoyable working with the other friendly and helpful staff and also seeing
friends from around the village and beyond.  It is a way of ensuring that our community has this wonderful facility’.

What a great testament this is! If you’re thinking of joining us….do!   It really is a case of the more the merrier.