General Store

A full range of groceries and household goods (more than 800 different items), fruit and vegetables, local milk, cream and yoghurts, freshly made sandwiches, cakes & bread; together with a range of beers & wines. We also stock an extensive range of newspapers and magazines and can order and set aside specific titles.  We always keep a good range of household necessities.  


Claires Bread

Our bread and rolls are delivered daily, freshly baked



Fresh fruit and vegetables are always available

Fruit and Vegtables


A delicious range of cheeses, cooked meats, patés, pasties, pies, sandwiches and more


News & Periodicals

We always keep a good range of newspapers and periodicals and if there is a specific item we will order it and reserve it for you

Greetings Cards

Choose from a good selection – and send it straight away.
We have a range of postcards with local views too; so if you’re visiting or you live in Benenden you can show your friends our beautiful village.

Stationery Items

Don’t make that trip into town without checking here first ...

Benenden’s Bags!

Buy one of our bags and you can use it again and again.



Flowers from Hannah's Garden

Beautiful, locally grown flowers from Hannah's Garden are available at the Shop from Wednesday - Saturday